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Until relatively recently, Bernie Madoff was completely unknown outside of financial circles. This changed in 2008, when it was revealed that Madoff was the mastermind behind one of the biggest frauds in the financial history of the United States.

Bernie Madoff was the chairman of an American investment house founded in 1960 under his own name. He started as a stockbroker and was the driving force behind NASDAQ, of which he became chairman and one of the most respected figures on Wall Street. His status was not merely professional, but he achieved outstanding notoriety as a true celebrity and a recognized philanthropist.

But where was the secret of his success? What was his investment method? Quite simply, there was no such investment. Madoff used the money of new investors to make a profit and to continue paying the outflows of the old ones. The supposed investments were a screen to cover up the truth. This makes the investor base necessarily wider until the house of cards collapses. This is what is called a «Pyramid Scheme» or «Ponzi Scheme» referring to the famous Italian swindler Carlo Ponzi, who built a product that promised returns of 50% in 45 days and 100% in 90 days, resulting, as is obvious, in a swindle.

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Wizard of Lies is a 2017 American film directed by Barry Levinson and starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. The film is the film adaptation of the biographical book Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust by journalist Diana B. Henriques about the life of broker and criminal Bernard Madoff.

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The project came to life in 2011, when in May it was announced that Robert De Niro had been cast in the lead role. Shooting of the film began on August 31, 2015 in New York. Diana B. Henriques, author of the book from which the screenplay is drawn, worked as a consultant during the development of the project.

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In the movie ‘The Wizard of Lies’, which HBO released in 2017, the legendary actor played Bernie Madoff, the man who lined his pockets with a Ponzi scheme. This and other tapes have questioned the subject of multilevel business what are they.

This article has nothing to do with Forex, but since the topic of multilevel businesses and similar are in fashion in Costa Rica, how about remembering two movies that have strongly questioned this type of organizations.

The Wizard of Lies is one of them. The HBO film, released in 2017, placed Robert De Niro in the shoes of one of the most cynical swindlers in the United States, Bernie Madoff,

In short, he went from laughs «to living in torment for his actions. Someone persecuted by the government, the press and by those who trusted him and lost all their money,» details the site.

«But Madoff’s business was a fraud, the biggest pyramid scheme in history. Madoff’s business did not consist of investing his clients’ savings to obtain high returns, but rather he left that money in normal checking accounts and the returns were paid with the money entrusted to him by the new clients», detailed the website El Confidencial.

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