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José María Benito del Valle, one of the founders of ETA in 1958, died last Sunday in the Biscayan town of Getxo where he lived. He was one of the young men who in 1952 promoted the constitution of the nationalist group Ekin, together with other militants such as Julen Madariaga. This group, which merged with Eusko Gaztedi, the youth of the PNV, was an attempt to revive Basque nationalism by a generation that reproached the PNV for lack of initiative.

Ekin’s relations with the PNV were strained, to the point that the party expelled Benito del Valle, despite attempts to negotiate with jeltzal representatives. This measure became the definitive trigger for the rupture between Ekin and the PNV that led to the creation of ETA in December 1958. Benito del Valle lived in France and, in the V Assembly, in 1967, he left the terrorist group because of his Marxism. In 1977 he took advantage of the amnesty and returned to Euskadi.

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In ‘El Cascabel’ of TRECE they have analyzed what happened and for this, they have talked to the Police Inspector and Spokesman of the Federal Union of Police, José María Benito. “This only happens to those who break the law, commit crimes and are judged. Here you either believe in the rule of law or you don’t,” he began his speech.

“When two courts do not agree with you, they tell you that you are a criminal, they tell you that there is enough evidence to convict you and they sentence you to a penalty. We are talking about the rule of law, which works and works perfectly,” he said with respect to what happened in Congress.

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Míriam J. Alvarez-Martínez, Asunción Moreno, José M. Miró, Maria Eugenia Valls, Paula V. Rivas, Elisa de Lazzari, Omar Sued, Natividad Benito, Pere Domingo, Esteban Ribera, Miguel Santín, Guillermo Si

Prevalencia de los genotipos de la dihidropteroato sintasa antes y después de la introducción de la terapia antirretroviral combinada y su influencia en el resultado de la neumonía por Pneumocystis en pacientes infectados por el VIH-1

Míriam J. Alvarez-Martínez, José M. Miró, Maria Eugenia Valls, Jordi Mas, Jorge Puig de la Bellacasa, Omar Sued, Manel Solé, Paula V. Rivas, Elisa de Lazzari, Natividad Benito, Felipe García, Carlos A

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The inspector pointed out, with respect to those who are wanted, that he believes that “it is only a matter of time before the remaining 12 are found and brought to justice. They are accused of very serious crimes, such as paralyzing an airport, for which they will have to pay”.

For his part, Javier del Campo spoke about the protocol that exists on board for cases in which there is a medical emergency. “The protocol is if we have a sick person on board, to see if there is a doctor on board to certify if he is ill or not. In this case it is not known, so we assume that there was no doctor on board. It is up to the crew to decide, in case of doubt it is true. It is communicated to the commander and he, if he has a nearby place to land, lands to save the life”. And to conclude he commented on the fact that the door of the plane was open after the evacuation of the supposed sick person. “It is not usual for the door to be closed if you are lowering a sick person. The normal thing is to leave it open until you are notified that you can leave,” he explained.

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